Apple veröffentlicht macOS High Sierra Beta 3

Apple hat am gestrigen Abend die dritte Beta von macOS High Sierra für Entwickler freigegeben. Es ist das nächste große Release des Betriebssystems für Macbook, Macbook Pro, Mac Pro und den iMac.

apple-macos-high-sierra-fotos-772x382 Apple veröffentlicht macOS High Sierra Beta 3 Software

Entwickler können ihren Mac im Developer Portal von Apple als Entwicklergerät registrieren und erhalten dann automatisch über den App Store die neuesten Entwicklerbetas. Ist das bei euch der Fall sollte das neue Testrelease ab sofort automatisch verfügbar sein.

Hier die Änderungen von macOS High Sierra im Detail:


New Features

• AddedAVRoutePickerViewtotheAVKitframeworkandAVRouteDetectortothe AVFoundation framework for enabling users to choose the route for playing content when multiple routes are available. Use AVRouteDetector to determine if multiple routes are available when route detection is enabled. If multiple routes are available, use AVRoutePickerView to present an interface for the user to choose the routes. The functionality of AVRoutePickerView is disabled in this beta.

Resolved Issues

• Time Machine is enabled for macOS High Sierra 10.13 beta 3 and later, and the space for snapshot is now freed correctly on APFS volumes. (33006905)

Known Issues

• Resetting the NVRAM on a Mac with a bootable APFS partition prevents that partition being used as the startup partition. (33013161, 32991435)

Workaround: Use Startup Manager to select the APFS partition as the boot partition. To open Startup Manager, hold the Option key immediately after rebooting the Mac.

3rd Party Apps

Resolved Issues

Microsoft Outlook 15.35 and later now launch on macOS 10.13 beta.
League of Legends no longer quits unexpectedly on Mac models from 2012 and later. (32744576)


Resolved Issues

• Enabling Dwell Control during an upgrade from macOS Sierra to macOS 10.13 beta no longer blocks the use of the system clock, other menu extras, the Assistive Control, or the Accessibility Preference pane. (32515238)

Apple File System (APFS)

Resolved Issues

• Fixed an issue that prevented enabling FileVault on APFS volumes.

Known Issues

• Unsupported configurations in this seed release:

HDD-only Macs currently are not converted to APFS by default.
Some iMacs with 3TB Fusion drives and BootCamp may be unsupported for use with APFS.
APFS support for Mid 2012 Mac Pro will be included in an upcoming seed.
An APFS container on a Fusion drive can have only 1 macOS 10.13 volume.

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The encryption policy used for unencrypted APFS volumes that are converted to FileVault can cause the system to select the wrong block offset during the encryption process. This issue will be resolved in an upcoming beta, and will require the affected volumes to be re- encrypted. Encrypted HFS+ volumes that have are converted to APFS are unaffected.
There is a known issue where APFS systems with FileVault enabled cannot reset their password with iCloud.
Resizing APFS containers is currently not supported in Disk Utility.

Workaround: In Terminal, use the diskutil tool to resize APFS containers.
Some third-party applications may not correctly recognize volumes that are formatted

using APFS.
Encrypted APFS volumes can’t be decrypted. Decryption support will be added in an upcoming beta.


Known Issues
CloudKit does not support unsigned long long values with the high-order bit set. (30567424)
ApplicationsthatuseCKModifyRecordsOperationshouldspecifyanappropriate value for CKModifyRecordsOperation.isAtomic. if your client is compiled against watchOS 4, operations enqueued against the default CKRecordZone have new behavior because atomic is true by default. If the operation hits a “preflight” failure (most commonly, a network issue uploading a CKAsset, or a malformed CKRecord), the entire operation is canceled. (30838858)

Content Caching > Share Internet connection

Known Issues

• Tethered iOS devices use only Wi-Fi when both Wi-Fi and USB Ethernet are available.

Workaround: Disable Wi-Fi on the tethered iOS devices. FaceTime

Known Issues

• Live Photo support will be added in an upcoming beta.


New Issues

• APFS systems with FileVault enabled can’t reset their password using iCloud. (32818928)

Resolved Issues

• When iCloud recovery is enabled on an encrypted APFS volume, Password Reset no longer shows an error that iCloud recover is not enabled.


New Issues

• When copying files the progress indicator may persist after the copy completes.

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Workaround: Log out of your account and log back in, or restart your Mac. Known Issues

• When copying files the progress indicator may persist after the copy completes.

Workaround: Log out of your account and log back in, or restart your Mac. Foundation

New Issues

• Topreservebackwardscompatibility,iOS11beta3removestheNSURLSessionempty string behavior for suppressing the sending of HTTP headers that was introduced in beta 2. (32959604)

Resolved Issues

• Reads and writes on a secure connection that use the new authenticating HTTPS proxy feature of URLSessionStreamTask now work correctly. (31916868)

HEVC and HEIF Images

New IssueKnown Issues

macOS 10.13 adds HEVC and HEIF decode capability. In order to display HEIF image files or HEVC videos captured on iOS 11, your Mac needs to be updated to macOS 10.13.
The specific hardware and software requirements for HEVC and HEIF are detailed in the WWDC 2017 presentations covering these new technologies. Depending on the capabilities of your Mac and the needs of your content, AVFoundation may use a software-based HEVC encoder which typically has longer encoding times. Further fine- tuning of the encoding quality will occur in subsequent seeds.
Third-party apps that do not rely on the macOS-provided media frameworks may not properly handle these new formats.


Known Issues

• When you initially login to iCloud on macOS 10.13, you may find that some services do not sync correctly. If this happens, please log out of iCloud and log back in. This should allow your account to login fully and sync all services.


New Issues
Systems with less than 4 GB of RAM may hang when installing applications. (32589377)
During macOS High Sierra installation or during the first user login after installation, input methods may fail to load. (32311765)

Workaround: Reboot to load the methods. Resolved Issues

• Reinstalling macOS 10.13 from the Recovery OS no longer requires using Disk Utility to unlock your FileVault-encrypted volume.

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Kernel Extension Loading

Known Issues

Some third-party apps may not fully handle instances where their kernel extension is denied user consent to load.
Kernel extensions blocked in early boot do not display an alert.


New Features

• Added Hindi localization to macOS.

Known Issues

• Some text may not be localized to the selected system language.

• Some languages may have clipped or misaligned layout.

Mac App Store

Resolved Issues

• Device-based Volume Purchase Program apps now install correctly.


Resolved Issues

• Enabling iCloud Messages now works if the Mac is not connected to the internet.


Known Issues

• Reflections may return incorrect information.

• Debug layers can generate false warnings about Indirect Argument Buffer sizes.


Known Issues

• NetInstall is not supported in this beta.

• System Image Utility does not work with APFS volumes. (30449706)


Known Issues

• Wi-Fi password sharing and Personal Hotspot sharing on beta 2 don’t work with devices running beta 1. (32500217)


Resolved Issues

• Simulator now works on the Mid-2010 MacBook Pro models with an NVIDIA 320m.

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Password Reset

Known Issues

• Password Reset states that iCloud recovery is not enabled on an encrypted APFS volume even if it is enabled.


Resolved Issues

• Photos no longer unexpectedly quits when importing a folder that contains sub-folders.

• Photos no longer fail to import from iOS 10 devices.


Resolved Issues

• Printing documents with headers and footers no longer results in garbled or blank output, or in the application quitting unexpectedly.


New Issues

When entering data on a web form, empty Contacts AutoFill menus stay on the screen until quitting Safari. (33159418)
Installing macOS may remove your Safari Extensions. (32624391)

Workaround: Reinstall the Safari Extensions. If re-installing macOS also removes them, file a bug.

Resolved Issues
Bookmarks in the Favorites Bar or in the Bookmarks Menu are no longer missing. (32716666)
Switching to full screen video, or scrubbing video in YouTube now correctly updates the video and audio content.
Search suggestions now appear in Safari.

Known Issues

• Changed the syncing system for Safari Bookmarks and Reading List across iCloud- enabled devices. Please report any bugs.

Setup Assistant

Resolved Issues
Setup Assistant can now successfully update and migrate iTunes.
Enabling FileVault in Setup Assistant no longer causes the system to hang in the “Setting Up Your Mac” dialog.


Resolved Issues

• Siri requests no longer fail if iTunes is open in the background.

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Known Issues

• Switching Siri’s voice from the settings screen plays a voice that is not the default voice for several languages. The issue is resolved when the assets finishing downloading in the background.

Software Update

Resolved Issues

The progress indicator no longer stops displaying during installation. (32380740)
The Mac no longer gets stuck at a black screen with a cursor the first time you log in after a software update. (32769407)

Known Issues

• Macs with a volume formatted using HFS+ may reboot even if the update did not occur. To find out if the updated installed, choose About this Mac from the Apple menu, and check the system version in the window that appears.


New Features
• When editing documents in plain text mode, TextEdit no longer substitutes smart quote and smart dash by default. A new setting in preferences, “Smart quotes and dashes in rich text documents only”, enables toggling the behavior for plain text documents. In addition, it can be changed on a per-document basis from the Edit > Substitutions menu.

Touch Bar

New Features

• In beta 3, touch event processing for the Touch Bar has been modified to reduce accidental actions by ignoring touches lasting more than 1.5 seconds. In addition, the active area of a button or segmented control is slightly inset from its edges so that touches very close to either the left or right side are ignored. (32990374, 32990587)

Note: If you discover problems with either of these heuristics and your usage patterns, file a bug with a subject that starts with “Beta 3 Touch Bar Heuristic Issues: “.

New Issues

• In beta 3 portions of the Touch Bar may become blank. (33041981)

Workaround: Logout, restart your Mac, or relaunch TouchBarServer in Terminal using the command: sudo killall -9 TouchBarServer.


Resolved Issues

Vision now supports other Core ML feature vectors in addition to classifiers. iOS 11 beta 2 and earlier worked only with classifier models. (32944774)
RectangleTracker no longer stops responding unexpectedly.
The Vision API is now available from the macOS 10.13 and iOS 11 SDKs even if

DEPLOYMENT_TARGET is set to a version earlier than the current OS.

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Known Issues

• Facial landmarks identified by the Vision framework may flicker in temporal use cases, such as video.


• ThetypeoftheorientationparameterinVisionframeworkcallshaschangedfroman Int32 to an CGImagePropertyOrientation enum found in the ImageIO framework.

Important: Update your code with the new type to avoid compilation warnings or errors related to the change.


Resolved Issues

• Xcode 8 and earlier is now supported in macOS 10.13 Beta. (32146593)

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