Safari Technology Preview – Release 2 veröffentlicht

Apple hat am gestrigen Abend das zweite Release seiner Safari Technology Preview veröffentlicht. Damit läutet man auch in der Browser “Beta” für Macs den zweiwöchigen Testzyklus ein!

2016-04-14-06_31_10-Safari-Downloads-Apple-Developer-772x177 Safari Technology Preview - Release 2 veröffentlicht Software Technologie Web

Erst vor zwei Wochen hatte Apple seiner Entwickler Community die neue Preview – also quasi die Beta – des OS X Browsers an die Hand gegeben, mit der man die neuen Web-Technologie austesten kann. Nun folgt also die zweite Version, welcher wieder eine ganze Hand voll Fehler beheben soll.

Die Safari Technology Preview kann neben der normalen und standardmäßigen Safari Version installiert werden. Somit habt ihr selbst als Nicht-Entwickler die Möglichkeit zu wählen, ob ihr mit der Beta oder mit der finalen Browserversion surfen wollt. Das aktuelle Update enthält Änderungen in den Bereichen JavaScript, CSS, Web APIs, Web Inspector, Rendering, Medien, Netzwerk und so weiter. Solltet ihr Interesse daran haben, könnt ihr das Installationspaket auch ohne Developer Account auf der Entwicklerwebsite von Apple herunterladen.

Das volle Changelog dazu gibt es hier:


Release 2

Browser Differences

Changed the CFBundleSignature to allow Apple Events, like those sent from AppleScript, to correctly distinguish between Safari and Safari Technology Preview


Added ES6 support for Symbol.isConcatSpreadable

Disallowed var assignments in for-in loops according to ES6 specs

Improved stability for ES6 classes when invoking a method of the parent class before callingsuper() in a constructor

Allowed undefined or null for and Symbol.match

Enabled Array.prototype native functions’ species constructors to work with proxies

Implemented the proposal for String.prototype.padStart() and String.prototype.padEnd()

Implemented ES6 spec for String.prototype.match and RegExp.prototype[@@match]

Included a workaround for web compatibility on ES6 TypeErrors when accessingRegExp.prototype flag properties

Corrected quantified unicode regular expressions

Ensured greedy unicode regular expressions properly backtrack past non-BMP characters


Implemented the allow-end value of the hanging-punctuation CSS property

Improved web compatibility by resetting CSS spacing rules on <math> elements

Added the new color-gamut CSS media query

Updated screen queries to check the capabilities of the current screen instead of the deepest available screen

Web APIs

Restricted WebSockets header parsing according to RFC6455 and RFC7230

Improved performance of certain draw calls in WebGL with a non-power-of-two texture optimization

Disabled the Fetch API until the implementation is ready to be enabled by default

Enhanced Shadow DOM support to compute styles for the style attribute of <slot> elements

Softened pushState and replaceState frequency restrictions

Web Inspector

Timelines tab performance and bug fixes

Disabled debugger statements while profiling a page to ensure maximum performance accuracy

Added the ability to configure timeline instruments to use for recordings

Added a paint count indicator in the top left corner of non-opaque layers

Added font-variant-numeric to CSS autocompletions

Added the console.takeHeapSnapshot method for capturing heap snapshots

Changed details sidebar shortcuts to Command-Option-0 and Command-Shift-0

Double-quotes and backslashes in strings are now displayed correctly in the console

Improved the consistency of CSP directive violation messages reported in the console


Corrected new lines in content editable elements to notify accessibility

Updated the handling of SVG elements with a presentational role to be the same as other host language elements

Limited the numbered list announcement for a list item number to the first line of text in the list item

Changed the accessibility role descriptions for JavaScript alerts to “web dialog” and “web alert dialog” to make them more understandable to screen reader users


Updated backdrop filter to repaint when changed in JavaScript

Corrected drawing SVG stroke patterns for objects with empty bounding box elements


Improved stability when an audio source is changed while being processed

Fixed audio track listings


Improved the reliability of speculative disk cache validation requests with the HTTP Refererheader

Bug Fixes

Fixed autoscrolling in a drag selection when a window is against the screen edge, including while in full screen mode

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