watchOS 4 Beta 5 wurde freigegeben

Apple hat am gestrigen Abend die fünfte Beta von watchOS 4 für Entwickler freigegeben. Es ist das nächste große Release des Apple Watch Betriebssystems.

2017-06-16-07_05_32-watchOS-4-Vorschau-Apple-DE-772x412 watchOS 4 Beta 5 wurde freigegeben Software Technologie

Entwickler können sich im Developer Portal von Apple das watchOS 4 Profil holen und auf die Apple Smartwatch übertragen. Danach wird das Update innerhalb der Watch App sichtbar.

Hier die Änderungen von watchOS 4 Beta 5 im Detail:


Resolved Issues
Updating to watchOS 4 beta 3 may stall indefinitely after the watch restarts and the password has been entered. Updating to watchOS beta 4 or later is not affected. (32797932)

Workaround: Restart the Apple Watch up to three times. If this does not resolve the issue, unpair the Apple Watch from the iPhone while the watch is in the stalled state. Once the watch is unpaired, pair the watch and phone again.
Updating from watchOS 3.2.2 or earlier no longer results in a failure followed by the error message: “An error occurred downloading the latest version of watchOS on your Apple Watch”. (33271830)
The Toy Story watch faces are available in beta 2 and later. Toy Story is copyright © Disney/Pixar.

Copyright © 2017 Apple Inc. All Rights Reserved.

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Apple Pay

Resolved Issues

• Adding multiple cards during the pairing process now correctly provisions each card. (32624044)


Resolved Issues

• Breathe notification preferences are now respected. (32298347)


Known Issues

CloudKit does not support unsigned long long values with the high-order bit set. (30567424)
ApplicationsthatuseCKModifyRecordsOperationshouldspecifyanappropriate value for CKModifyRecordsOperation.isAtomic. If your client is compiled against watchOS 4, operations enqueued against the default CKRecordZone have new behavior because atomic is true by default. If the operation hits a “preflight” failure (most commonly, a network issue uploading a CKAsset, or a malformed CKRecord), the entire operation is canceled. (30838858)

Core Media

Resolved Issues

• Haptics now play for frontmost apps. (32139107)


Resolved Issues

• Languages are now available for Dictation on watchOS, including the newly released Shanghainese dictation. (32235495)


Known Issues

• Topreservebackwardscompatibility,iOS11beta3removedtheNSURLSessionempty string behavior for suppressing the sending of HTTP headers that was introduced in beta 2. (32959604)


Resolved Issues
AddingdatatoaworkoutrouteusingHKWorkoutRouteBuildernolongerfails. (33080127)
Pressing the Side Button and Digital Crown pauses an active workout session even if the the app is not in the foreground. (30199786)

Copyright © 2017 Apple Inc. All Rights Reserved.

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• Attempting to finish a workout route when no location data is inserted no longer throws an exception. (32307523)

Known Issues

• To track location in the background while a user is in a workout session, add UIBackgroundModes/location in the Info.plist file. (29483437)


Resolved Issues

• Location-based automation triggers now work if triggered from the alert on Apple Watch. (32288709)


Resolved Issues

• Messages now send correctly when responding to Activity notifications. (32294875)


Resolved Issues

Deleting a playlist or album in the Apple Watch app no longer causes the app to crash. (32624529)
Music tracks now play from and sync to Apple Watch. (32314271)

Known Issues

• Love and Dislike options are missing for locally synced music on Apple Watch. (30845293)


Resolved Issues

• Phone calls using Apple Watch that exceed 30 seconds now work correctly. (32659453)


Resolved Issues

• Alarms are no longer lost when migrating to watchOS 4. (31285349)

Known Issues
• Backups only trigger when the user unpairs their watch. If the user erases their iOS 11 iPhone without unpairing their watch first, there will not be a backup to restore. (32358338)

Workaround: Before erasing iPhone, go to the Watch app, choose My Watch, and unpair your Apple Watch.

Copyright © 2017 Apple Inc. All Rights Reserved.

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Resolved Issues

In Settings > Bluetooth, additional devices such as the paired iPhone no longer show as Not Connected. (32314078)
Permissions on Apple Watch are now reset when a user resets location and privacy using Settings > General > Reset > Reset Location & Privacy on iPhone. (32393123)


Resolved Issues

• Siri requests now work as expected in the iOS and watchOS simulators. (31971229)

• Siri now plays music that has been synced to Apple Watch. (31964674)


Resolved Issues

• SiriKit requests no longer fail with a “Sorry I can’t do that” error. (32305639)
• watchOS apps from TestFlight or the App Store now work with SiriKit. (32387616) • SiriKit requests on watchOS no longer fail with a Continue in App error. (32355820)


New Issues

• When scrolling with the crown, a view may render under the status bar resulting in clipping content that would normally be visible. (33730637)

Workaround: Scroll the content by dragging or swiping with your finger. Resolved Issues
For a watch app that includes complications, in watchOS 4 beta 4 and earlier, applicationDidFinishLaunching for the WKExtensionDelegate and willActivate for the root interface controller could be called without launching the app. This occurred when the watch extension was not already running, and complication code was called—for example after the initial app installation or when updating the timeline. This no longer happens. (33456326)
WKInterfaceInlineMovie objects now pause when moving an app to the

background. (31872332)

Known Issues

• Automatic display of attachments in default WatchKit Notification interfaces do not work. (31589086)

Copyright © 2017 Apple Inc. All Rights Reserved.

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Resolved Issues

• Pressing the Side Button and Digital Crown no longer pauses an active workout session when the Workout app is not in the foreground. (30199786)

Known Issues

You may experience inaccurate distance measurements for Pool Swim workouts. (32816933)
Workout sessions may be slow to start and they may fail to update with calorie and distance measurements. (32313252)

Workaround: Call HKWorkoutRouteBuilder finishRouteWithWorkout:Metadata: only when some location data has been inserted to the builder.


Resolved Issues

• Building and running a Watch app from Xcode your app now installs, launches, and attaches. (32180669)

Known Issues

• Crashlogs may take a few minutes to sync and be visible in Xcode. (31156191)

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